Starting a blog about running is hilarious.

To be clear, I love running blogs. My favorite way to procrastinate on the internet is to read blogs about new running shoes, races, nutrition, etc. But starting a running blog is a different beast entirely. Exhibit A, me trying to take *cute* running photos of myself with my iPhone 6 on a 10 second timer:


Cute, right???!!!!!!! I hate this photo, but it was the best one of the bunch I took. I feel uncomfortable asking my friends to come on a run and take photos of me — truthfully, I haven’t even told many of my friends that I started a blog, and those I have told don’t know the URL. Also, running photos, as a rule, are terrible. In high school I had a few good ones, but since college I’ve hated how they’ve all turned out. A large part of this has to do with feeling self-conscience of my own body, and what it looks like when I’m not posed in a perfect angle in a perfect outfit. Running photos show how big my legs are, how awkwardly my arms swing, how odd my nose looks in profile, how squinty my eyes get when I’m focusing. But part of why I started this blog is because I wanted to celebrate how much I love running, and how good running makes me feel.

I feel at my most beautiful when I run. While I know, from photo and video evidence, that my running form is not Baywatch material, when I run I feel like Wonder Woman. So while this blog may not feature thousands of photos of me running, those that do appear may not seem beautiful to the internet at large.

Starting a running blog is hilarious, because it means being honest about who I am and what I feel, even if it looks ridiculous.